Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the dimensions of the Mysafe
    • Length 28cm
    • Height 22cm
    • Depth 12cm
    • Weight 1.16kg
  • What are some typical applications of Mysafe
    • Mysafe can be attached to sunloungers via the arm, back or front end of the lounger.
    • Mysafe can also be attached to most umbrella poles.
    • Mysafe can be used anywhere that you are able to fit the strap or attachment.
  • Is poolside or beach crime really a problem?
    • Yes. A recent study questioned 1,250 people, they found that 58% of thefts that occur in Europe, with Spain being the top destination for this type of crime.
    • 52% of theft victims do not claim on their insurance policy.
    • 44% of people had an item stolen whilst on a beach holiday compared to 23% on city breaks.
  • Surely it alerts would be thieves to the location of valuables?

    MySafe is available in a range of highly visible colours. Any attempted theft or undue attention would be immediately noticeable to everyone in the surrounding area. In fact MySafe not only protects valuables with the active security measure of the lock, it also offers passive security by virtue of it being so recognisable.

  • What can go in MySafe?

    Users can place any items they choose in MySafe, subject of course to size. MySafe is designed around the dimensions of a typical tablet computer or ‘digital book’. As well as being a safe place for valuables it also serves a purpose of keeping items sensitive to sunlight in a shaded place.

  • Can the mounting strap be cut?

    The mounting strap of MySafe is reinforced with an invisible steel strip. To cut the strap to any degree would take a concerted effort with tools, attracting attention.

  • Is MySafe CE marked?

    MySafe is produced in CE approved facilities.

  • What else can I do with Mysafe?

    MySafe can be used to advertise products,events or highlight hotel specific branding.

  • Is MySafe fire retardant?


  • Is MySafe waterproof?

    Yes, but not water tight.

  • Is MySafe UV resistant?