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Introducing MySafe

A holiday is a time for fun and relaxation where all the worries and stresses of everyday life should be left behind.
Unfortunately there are some who view that relaxed state of mind as an opportunity.

Thieves wait for valuables to be left unattended, they are practised in spotting valuables which have been left on show. Knowing this means that a holiday can often be far from relaxing.

MySafe is a unique and convenient solution to this problem. Fitted with a user friendly combination lock, constructed from an environmentally friendly material, MySafe gives the piece of mind every holidaymaker deserves.

MySafe Features

Secure, Modern and Unique

Incredibly Spaceous

MySafe is spacious enough for all the mod cons i.e iPads, Kindles and Smart Phones, they all fit comfortably inside

Great Look

With it’s sleek design, MySafe is easy to use and maintain

Increase Revenue

Enough space to sell advertising and increase revenue


Carefully designed to withstand the corrosive salty air, hot sun and UV rays


Never lose your keys again with our combination lock that ensures your products are safe

Environment Friendly

Made with EU approved ABS plastic

Customer Reviews

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